Sea Apartment
Description of the project
This private apartment in Quarteira with sea view was completely renovated in order to make it functional dwelling and to enhance the space creating harmony through the decoration.
The chosen chromatic base had the principle of making the house light and clean, with white color prevailing in all areas. To break the coldness of white, a shade of pale blue was introduced at the top of the kitchen cabinets, which is complemented with the same color as the sofa in the living room, since the two areas were designed as an open space. The black color was also introduced in technical details , such as the washbasin and the tap in the kitchen, as well as the handles and ceiling lighting, creating contrast and visual focus points.
With a limited space in the bedroom, the sliding cabinet doors also serve the purpose of a mirror. Suspended ceiling lamps replace table lamps creating more utilitarian space and decorative elements transport us to a tropical holiday atmosphere, which complements the language of the rest of the apartment, which is located in front of the beach.
Before Renovation
1 Before Before2 Before3
After Renovation

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